Nanjing Han Xin Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd.


Provide high-standard, high-quality, and international CRO/CDMO services to industry customers to complete the Sino-US-Europe international declaration.

· Pharmaceutical technology, impurity research, analytical testing, complex characterization structure research

· Finished product formulation research, registration data submission

· Registration and approval, commercial production of raw materials and finished medicines, and inspection by regulatory agencies

· Non-clinical/clinical sample production, non-clinical pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, bioequivalence research (commissioned), clinical       research (commissioned)


·Technical Service: Provide CRO/CDMO/Technical Service to Customers

·Cooperative development: Both parties share project risks and share R&D results+

· Investment incubation: our supporting investment funds invest in Party A projects

·Sino-US-Europe International Declaration: Helping clients to apply for Sino-US-Europe declaration