Nanjing Han Xin Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Nanjing Han Xin Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amphastar Nanjing Pharmaceutical Inc.. It is located in Building C5 of Jiangsu Life Science and Technology Innovation Park, with a registered capital of 106 million yuan and more than 200 employees. The main business scope is international drug CRO / CDMO; new drug research and development.

The company strictly abides by the Chinese, American and European FDA's drug quality management regulations, realizes the declaration in three places, and follows the R & D management concept of “quality comes from design”. We have more than 200 technical R & D personnel, more than 50 returnees with PhDs, and more than 50% of masters. We have an intellectual property management team with Chinese and American experience, and we have a collaborative R & D center in the United States. Jointly set up a new research institution "Nanxin Pharmaceutical", Nanjing University, Pharmaceutical University, and Jiangda University, with Nanjing University.

In a comprehensive research and development building of 13,000 square meters, we have more than 30 laboratories of fermentation, purification, peptides, synthesis, enzyme catalysis, preparations, analysis, etc., and more than 1.5 million / sets of various precision instruments of more than 10 And 500,000-1.5 million / sets of various precision instruments more than 40 sets. Among our 33,000 square meters of advanced supporting factories are 12,000 square meters of biological medicine workshops, 8,000 square meters of finished medicine workshops, 13,000 square meters of laboratories, warehouses and offices.